Training Video Production Edmonton, Stony Plain, AB

Safety Training Video Production Edmonton

Ambient Film Productions understands the importance of training videos and has an extensive background in creating custom training videos in Edmonton for a variety of clients.

Every day, we work with companies who struggle with employees resisting another boring training booklet and customers in need of education to use a product correctly.

We deliver training videos that combine your important messages with emotion, storytelling and thoughtful editing. The more your audience is engaged, the more they retain information.

Training videos are important in your Edmonton business for the following reasons:

  • Trained employees are much happier than untrained employees.
  • The quality of work produced by an untrained worker is much lower than a trained worker.
  • Workers who are inefficient spend more of your company’s time and money.
  • A loss of customers is probable due to unqualified workers.
  • Miscellaneous costs skyrocket such as reprinting paper copies or the time spent rechecking work due to repeated mistakes.

Ambient Film Productions uses the latest technology to create interactive training videos. This ensures the trainee is fully engaged, focused and clearly understands the information being presented. Retention of this information can be monitored throughout the process so that no important training step is missed.

Our training videos are designed for both web delivery and classroom training.