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Safety Video Production

Ambient Film Productions is the leading company for Edmonton safety videos. Health and safety in the workplace are critical for a company’s success in business. Our safety videos are streamlined using new technologies for effective education of your employees, subcontractors and site visitors.

Time and money is saved as we only deliver videos that effectively and efficiently communicate your safety message as it directly relates to your specific workplace. Your company remains competitive with relevant and up-to-date statistics.

We use our vast knowledge of the Hollywood film industry to bring a unique approach and have completely abolished the dry and dull safety videos that are often seen. Ambient Film Productions videos are dramatic, engaging and entertaining.. Read More

Training Video Production

Ambient Film Productions understands the importance of training videos and has an extensive background in creating custom training videos in Edmonton for a variety of clients.

Every day, we work with companies who struggle with employees resisting another boring training booklet and customers in need of education to use a product correctly.

We deliver training videos that combine your important messages with emotion, storytelling and thoughtful editing. The more your audience is engaged, the more they retain information.

Training videos are important in your Edmonton business for the following reasons:

  • Trained employees are much happier than untrained employees.
  • The quality of work produced by an untrained worker is much lower than a trained worker.
  • Workers who are inefficient spend more of your company’s time and money.
  • A loss of customers is probable due to unqualified workers.
  • Miscellaneous costs skyrocket such as reprinting paper copies or the time spent rechecking work due to repeated mistakes.
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Marketing Video Production

Yes, you need marketing videos as part of your overall strategy in your Edmonton business.

Video marketing boosts conversions and sales, it pays off big time in ROI, and it builds trust with your audience. Want to increase search rankings? Google loves videos. It appeals to mobile users and, finally, you can give thorough explanations using video.

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Corporate Video Production

Ambient Film Productions never overlooks the importance of a corporate video for your Edmonton business. They are not only crucial to communicate company corporate culture and goals but they are easy to share on social media platforms reaching numerous potential customers otherwise missed, they increase SEO, and send the perfect first impression.

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Ambient Film Productions offers Video Production Services to clients across Stony Plain, Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, and Fort McMurray, Alberta.

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