Top 8 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Edmonton Videographer

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If you own a business then you know how important it is to market and promote it both locally and online. Marketing experts agree that video production is a necessity to any strong business strategy. It is critical that companies promote and use videos for safety, training, corporate and marketing purposes so they do not fall behind the competition.

If you’ve never worked with an Edmonton videographer, how do you know which video production team to hire?

Ask these top questions and hire the best team to produce your videos:

1. Do you like the company?

The video production services team that you hire is going to be working very closely with you and your staff as an extension of your company. Just like any other working relationship, it is important that communication is effective and organization is apparent.

At Ambient Film Productions, we always encourage our clients to meet with us in person before starting a video project. This allows us the time to get to know each other, exchange ideas, talk about objectives and establish what type of video will work best for the company’s needs.

If you are going to be the start of the video, there needs to be a certain level of comfort and trust between you and the videographer. We meet with numerous Edmonton clients who are camera shy but we pride ourselves on being able to adjust our style to accommodate these clients.

We listen to what is important to the client’s company culture and share our culture as well. Having this trust and open communication not only gets the video just right but also makes the overall experience enjoyable and fun.

2. How long have they been in the video services industry?

There is no right or wrong answer to this. You may find a videographer fresh out of school and tremendously creative. You may find a videographer with 40 years of experience who is not caught up with the latest technology.

Look for an Edmonton video production company experienced in a variety of industries for numerous years. The more experience they have, the more opportunities they have had to overcome obstacles and produce top quality videos.

Ambient Film Productions knows how to plan and correct any issues before they become a problem. We have gained these skills by providing support services to powerhouses such as MGM, Disney, Warner Bros, Sony Pictures, CBC and NBC, in addition to creating videos for Alberta Construction Safety Association, the Calgary Flames NHL Hockey Club, Worldplay Networks and many more.

3. What type of videos do they produce?

Look at their video samples. Some video production companies specialize in one specific genre. If they only produce healthcare videos and you own a restaurant, you may not get the video you had in mind.

You may not love every video that the videographer has produced. Keep in mind, that videos are made to reach certain demographics and perhaps that particular video that you don’t love works tremendously well with that company’s demographic. The video production team that you choose should be able to produce videos in different styles to reach your specific audience.

At Ambient Film Productions, we are fortunate to have a wide range of styles and experience in safety, training, marketing, corporate and aerial videos. You can find samples of our videos here.

4. How creative and passionate are they?

Creativity mixed with experience will make an enormous difference to your video. The videographer should be able to help with the storyboard, lead you in a direction that fits your company culture and delivers the message your brand needs to promote in the market.

A good video production company will be enthusiastic about your project. Do they find safety and training videos too dull and boring? We don’t! Ambient Film Productions gets just as excited about safety and training videos as aerial cinematography. It’s all about creativity and telling your company story as effectively and entertaining as possible.

When a videographer understands your company needs and has a genuine interest in your project, it will show during all stages of the video process.

5. How much do they charge for video production?

It is very difficult to give an exact price for a video project until all details are discussed in our initial meetings, however, a good video production services company will be able to give you a ballpark figure.

As a reputable local Edmonton videographer, we create quality videos that take your company to the next level while staying within your budget. A budget is certainly important but you should expect a quality video production team to provide creative ideas and suggestions on how to get the most from the budget.

6. Can they give ideas to re-purpose your video?

Videos are not “cheap” to produce but they often serve more than one purpose. Safety, training, marketing, corporate and aerial videos can all be used across various social media platforms, company websites, e-mails, e-newsletters, landing pages, blog posts and presentations.

Since Ambient Film Productions has a wide range of experience in video production services, we know the best ways to multi-purpose videos so you can reach a much wider audience, promoting your brand in new ways to potential customers who would otherwise be missed.

7. Do they have the staff for every stage of production?

There is a variety of video production companies in Edmonton. Some of these videographers can provide post-production of an existing video. Some do not provide scripts. Always ask what is needed from you and your company to clearly define what you have to provide to the videographer. This will give you a good indication of the time you will have to personally invest in getting the video project completed.

Whether you’re looking for a full video production package or only editing services to existing videos, Ambient Film Productions can deliver.

8. How quickly can they deliver?

Some Edmonton video production companies have longer production cycles than others. A videographer may promise to have the video completed in a very short timeframe. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is! The quality of your video will likely suffer.

Ambient Film Productions understands that video projects may have a hard deadline that cannot be missed. Our experience in the video productions industry enables us to manage these projects and get them delivered within your time frame without sacrificing the quality of the video.

Ambient Film Productions customizes every project to suit your budget and company needs while creating unique stories. Expect extremely competitive costs and only top quality video production services offered in the industry.

Every story is different. Every project is different. Most importantly, every client is different.

As our client, you work with a team of local experts from a trusted Edmonton video production company, providing an extensive range of creative and technical services supported by state-of-the-art video equipment and technology.

Contact us today to get started on your story.