The 5 Types of Video Marketing you should use for your Business

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Videos are an effective way to tell your brand story, announce a new product or deliver a specific message to potential clients. Video marketing has continuously proven to be the best tool for the job because it’s “sticky” and the message tends to be remembered better and for a longer period of time. But with so many options for video marketing, it can be challenging to choose the perfect one for your upcoming project.

Ambient Film Productions has put together five of the top types of video marketing your Edmonton business should be using:

1. The Brand Video

Brand videos are a unique way of selling a product or service. Rather than focusing on the actual thing you’re selling, we focus instead on the story behind WHY you are selling the product or service. Tell your story and truly connect with an audience that shares your philosophy. Future customers will connect with the character and personality of your business before they even learn about what you’re selling. Of course, you can still talk about the product or service, but the goal is to create an emotional attachment with the viewer and hopefully convert them into a customer.

2. The Explainer Video

These can be used to deliver several types of messages. They can effectively explain how a product works, is used or how it’s made. For a company that has introduced an entirely new product to the market, you may require an explainer video to demonstrate how to use the product to fully experience all its benefits. Maybe you have improved on an existing product and need to not only showcase the innovative addition but how the addition sets your product apart from all others.

A how-to” video could be added to your marketing strategy to show how much better your product works than others on the market allowing the viewer to see “before and after” or real-time action shots. Another rarely used, but powerful, way to use explainer videos is to give the viewer a behind-the-scenes look at the factory and employees demonstrating the care and attention that goes into every product.

3. The Client Testimonial

Client testimonials are compelling. They build instant trust between the viewer and your company through a relatable person expressing their confidence in your product or service. Your current and happy client brings “word of mouth” to a new level proving to others they are making the right choice by working with you.

4. The CEO Testimonial

Much like the client testimonial, this strategy is also useful when trying to sway customers into your company’s door. A friendly visit on camera from the owner or CEO explaining their passion, and how much work goes into the business for the customer’s benefit, reassures your audience that they’re supporting a good, ethical business with high standards. This can turn a product into more than just a product, but a relatable story the potential customer feels more inclined to support.

5. The Combo

We’ve gone through the four typical types of videos to use for your business, but nothing is stopping us from getting a little creative. Not every video marketing plan fits into one of those four categories. That’s fine! Many marketing videos are a combination of two, three or all four. Starting a ‘how-to’ video explaining how easy it is to use your product and ending it with real clients expressing the same thoughts can make a huge impact on your audience. Or, add the CEO’s story and testimonial to a “how it’s made” video and have him or her offer a personal satisfaction guarantee.

However you conceptualize your marketing video, the team of professionals at Ambient Film Productions is here to help you from start to finish, producing the very best video marketing tool for your Edmonton business.

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