What Successful Corporate Videos Have in Common

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Corporate videos have a reputation of being cheesy infomercials with a dry narrator dully explaining the company. Yawn! These days you’ll need witty, fun, visually appealing corporate videos that get to the point quickly, or you’ll miss out on the opportunity to get your audience engaged with the content.

These 5 components are what make the most successful corporate videos in Edmonton:

1. Short and Sweet

The fact is, your audience is going to be quite selfish with their attention because so many images, including videos, are viewed by them each day. Use a concise script. Don’t worry about how eloquent the words sound. Customers just want the content. For every second you spend trying to figure out the exact way to say what you want to say, you’re losing customers who crave the straightforward facts.

2. Channel Your Inner Comedian

You don’t have to be the next Jerry Seinfeld, but humour plays two critical roles in corporate videos.

It makes the content more enjoyable.

It avoids coming off too much like a “salesman” for the company.

Generally, consumers don’t like obvious ploys at marketing or selling a product. Instead, you should aim to achieve the same goals through quality content that connects with consumers. Humour is the way to an audience’s heart.

3. Focus on the “whys”

People choose to buy for one underlying reason – they have a problem and need a solution. If you have a headache, you need Tylenol to get rid of the pain. In the corporate video world, what pain will your product or service help ease? Find out why your audience needs it. Then follow through with why only yours will do. Position your ad as informative and helpful, rather than a sales pitch.

4. A Strong Call-To-Action

Once you have the audience engaged with your video, it’s important to close with a simple yet effective call-to-action.

What do you want them to do immediately once the video ends?

Click? Call?

Tell them exactly what you want them to do as soon as the video comes to a close. Any pause will have them clicking away, instead of clicking on your link.

5. Don’t Skip Steps

Many ad creators focus on just a few parts of the video and use shortcuts on parts they feel aren’t as exciting. If the script is well written, no part of the video should trump another in importance. Every step you’ve included in the video should be treated as a crucial component. If it doesn’t feel like an equal to the rest of the material, then eliminate it from the project.

Need a corporate video for your Edmonton business? Using these 5 tips and working with Ambient Film Productions’ video experts, your next corporate video is sure to engage and impress. Contact us today to get started!