5 Tips on How to Dress in your Next Marketing Video

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With so much fuss made over video marketing strategy, planning, storyboards, content, lighting, shooting, length of the video and on and on, there’s a critical component to the video making process that often gets overlooked.

What the heck do I wear?

Some people are so new to the video making process that they don’t even know to ask this question. And that’s okay! Ambient Film Productions is here to help. So, if you’re the one calling the shots for your on-camera crew or in the video yourself, here are some basic tips to ensure everyone has dressed the part:

1. Dress for comfort

As we just mentioned, it is important to dress the part but an uncomfortable suit/dress on someone who doesn’t usually wear that type of clothing can feel all types of wrong. The person on camera needs to feel relaxed and confident. Also, keep the layers to a minimum as it can get hot under the lights.

2. Avoid stripes and small patterns

These rarely make a good fit for video and are distracting. Some patterns actually make the shirt appear like it’s moving on film. Stick to solids.

3. Not too light or too dark

Muted colors work best on camera; grey, black, navy, dark green, beige, taupe, mauve, light pink, soft yellow, and white. Always consider the background colour when choosing how to dress. Wear a black shirt on a black background and all of a sudden we’ve got a case of the floating head.

4. No logos

Unless it’s a corporate or safety video where the work shirts include the company logo, you probably don’t want another company’s branding splashed all over your video. Leave the Reebok shirt at home for this shoot – this is your time to shine.

5. Mic or no mic

If using a mic, you’ll need something to clip that mic onto. A plain T-shirt doesn’t offer a lot of hiding spots. So, unless you want a mic front and center, choose to wear microphone-friendly options like a tie, button-down shirt, suit jacket, or cardigan.

When the time comes to star in your own video, there’s no reason to hire a personal stylist. Just follow these 5 tips to look your best in your next marketing video.

Need help with the rest of the video marketing process? Contact Ambient Film Productions today! We have a number of exciting new projects starting up right away, we will post updates as soon as they are available.