Huge Benefits to Producing In-house Corporate Training Videos

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All new employees require some form of training. Even if you hire the most qualified, experienced person, they need to be updated on your company policies and procedures. Anyone in business knows that this training comes at a price which affects the bottom line.

Corporate training videos are a great and inexpensive way to train new hires, or update current employees, on new procedures while protecting that bottom line in the following ways:

Free up manpower

Training videos are perfect for general onboarding or even detailed training for various departments within the organization. As new hires watch and learn from video, management can delegate their trainers’ one-on-one time when and where they need it most. By having a range of videos available and employees free to spend time where needed, the introduction of new team members is dramatically sped up.

Cost Efficiency

The cost per trainee continually decreases over time, and the benefits far outweigh the initial cost of creating the video. Want more cost-saving proof? You got it! Say goodbye to travel and accommodation costs when staff needs to attend off-site training.

And all those expensive paper-based training manuals? Stop storing all of those printed materials that require constant costly reprints. At Ambient Film Productions, we have solutions to readily modify video content. This means mini-updates to current training programs for months and even years at a much lower cost.

Remote Locations No Longer Have Barriers

Get a head start on training new hires who haven’t moved into your company yet. With the click of a button, a link can be sent anywhere, anytime to start the onboarding process. Current staff away from the office can easily be granted access to any training they need as well.


When a live person repeats the training program to new employees day in and day out, the delivery and message are not always the same. As flawed human beings, we forget and modify information without even knowing it. This leads to potential errors and re-training later on.

We mentioned before that a variety of departments can benefit from using specific training videos. When an entire training series is produced by the professionals at Ambient Films, we ensure a polished corporate image across the board. No matter where the new hire ends up, the branded message is front and center which helps immerse the new hire immediately into your corporate culture.


It is said that people remember only 10% of what they hear, 30% of what they read, and 80% of what they see. Yes, video is mainly visual, but it also incorporates other learning skills including listening and reading abilities plus engagement by using note-taking skills. Don’t just show a video. Make sure your new hires are properly retaining the information!

Two important, yet overlooked, points about video that Ambient Films considers:

  • Younger team members prefer video learning to more traditional forms of training.
  • Visually-based materials, like video, are more easily understood by people with limited English skills.

With so many benefits of corporate training videos and the new ways we have to access and share them, there’s no reason to wait. To get started on your next corporate training video, Contact Ambient Film Productions in Edmonton and let’s make it happen!